Management Profile

CEO & Director

Mr. Sarwar Khan, an FCCA and CA finalist with CFA Level III credentials, boasts a wealth of professional experience spanning over fourteen (14) years in the Capital market. His expertise encompasses Equity brokerage, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, REITs, Commodities, Insurance and F. Income and Forex.

In addition to his tenure at Deloitte Pakistan, Mr. Khan has held pivotal roles such as Head of Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit in esteemed organizations like Arif Habib Group, Faisal Group, and Packages Group. He has also contributed to the Capital Market in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, Mr. Khan’s notable achievements include serving as a special invitee on the “PSX” (Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited) – Market and Product Development Committee in 2015. He provided valuable recommendations to PSX and “SECP” (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). His contributions extend to the SECP’s Securities sector Sub-committee, conducting the National Risk Assessment on the Anti Money Laundering Framework. Additionally, he contributed role in the committee formed by PSX and SECP in 2015, mandated to classify PSX from frontier market to world MSCI market.

Mr. Khan has also actively collaborated with World Bank members in analyzing Pakistan’s financial literacy and consumer protection framework. His involvement extends to contributing to PSX and SECP in formulating new Rules and Regulations for the capital market.

Besides these accomplishments, Mr. Khan serves as chief consultant/advisor to various business units within and outside Pakistan.